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Hazard 360 Ltd is an independent security consultancy, providing services in, Physical Security Risk Management, Security Design, Security Training, and GDPR Compliance within the U.K. and worldwide for a variety of organisations and private high value individuals.


Our varied services and experience, gained through thirty years of industry knowledge and capability, enable us to manage projects from commencement to completion. Our aim is to provide a professional, high quality, reliable and cost effective service. Our continued ambition is to be recognised throughout the commercial, private and Government security environments through the delivery of specialist services in Britain and internationally delivering best expertise along with the whole scope of security risk mitigation or professional security courses.

Founder Alan Smith, CPP, PSP, DPI, Fsyl

Alan has some thirty years’ experience in the field of Physical Security Risk Mitigation and Training within the United Kingdom, Australia and the Middle East.

Alan is one of a select group of security risk specialists holding two of the industry’s most significant certifications. Firstly CPP – Certified Protection Professional, which is considered the “gold standard” certification for security management professionals. This qualification demonstrates knowledge and competency in seven key domains of security. It is globally recognised as the standard of excellence for security management professionals. Secondly, PSP - Physical Security Professional, this credential demonstrates knowledge in physical security assessments, application, design and integration of physical security systems and implementation of security measures. Both of these qualifications are internationally recognised, and are certified by A.S.I.S. International (American Society of Industrial Security).

Mission Statement:

Hazard 360 Limited has a continuing goal to provide a professional, high quality, reliable and cost effective service. We aim to be recognised throughout the commercial, private and Government security environments through the effective delivery of wholly specialised security and training services within the UK and overseas. Our ongoing intent is to fully accomplish this objective by supporting and working closely with our clients to build strong working relationships therefore ensuring their requirements are held with a high standard of skilled service and professionalism.

Our Vision and Goals:

To deliver a high quality service backed-up with many years of ‘from the ground up’ expertise within the security environment. We realise today's economic constraints affect everyone's budgets. So we are fully understanding of our client's requirements, and would support them in their desire to work within their economic budget restraints, creating a trustworthy, dependable and reliable working relationship. In addition, our objective is to comply with all regulatory organisations and authorities including legal requirements, industry standards and guidelines, codes of practice, policies and procedures. It is also our responsibility to heighten our client’s awareness of all advanced security measures and hostile environments by providing in-depth security surveys and training.

Professional Memberships:

Member of ASIS International U.S.
Fellow of the Security Institute U.K.

Code of Practice - SIA Licence

Hazard 360 Limited works in strict alignment with:
BS 8549:2006 - Security Consultancy Code of Practice
DS - SIA Licence 1017235102192039


ASIS CPP - Certified Protection Professional - 15431
ASIS PSP -  Physical Security Professional - 16063
Prince 2 -   Project Management - 02628082-01-IRX6
ISO -            Lead Auditor - 2431
IOSH -         Managing Safety - 822331
DPI -            Private Investigation - 4975
PFSO -         Port Facility Security Officer Instructor- 114/8
CCTV -         Rotakin - 6102011082D


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  • Calne, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

What is a Security Survey?

A Security Survey is a thorough physical examination at a given point in time of a facility and its operations with respect to personnel and company assets.

It examines the risks these assets are exposed to, and reviews the measures that are in place to protect them and to mitigate liability. It identifies vulnerabilities and makes recommendations on how these can be improved.

This can be relevant for new locations or existing facilities, particularly after a loss or incident has occurred.

The objective of the survey is to produce a report based upon factual information, recommendations that allow the client to make sound financial decisions based on a cost benefit basis and (ROI) return on investment.

What is a Security Audit?

A Security Audit is different in as much that the survey is a process to assess whether an existing security system and procedures are operating to set of standards or criteria they were designed to. It evaluates the administration of the system, security awareness of employees, the management controls and compliance with standards. This is a valuable tool to give an accurate overview to the senior management.
The objective of the survey is to produce a report based upon factual information to demonstrate compliance with the current security posture of the premises.

What is a Qualitative Security Survey?

A qualitative analysis is more suitable when evaluating lower security applications. These facilities will have lower consequence loss assets and so will be better able to withstand loss or damage of an asset.
Some examples might include retail stores, apartment buildings, small businesses, and restaurants.

What is a Quantitative Security Survey ?

A rigorous quantitative analysis is required for protection of assets with unacceptably high consequence of loss, even if the probability of an adversary attack is low. This is a characteristic of high security systems typically found at pharmaceutical facilities, nuclear power plants, prisons, government and military installations, plus some museums, refineries, utilities, airports, telecommunications hubs and large industrial complexes. In each of these cases the loss of or damage to at least some of these assets can have high consequences.

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