Stolen Laptop "Penetration of Building"

The Victim - Lack of Security Awareness

“This lady just sat down on the hot desk next to me, and opened up her bag, she took out a pad and started writing some notes. I got up to get a coffee, and when I came back she was gone, so was my laptop which she must have put it into her bag. She looked just like any other office worker”.

Lessons Learned:

  • When working at hot desks never leave any of your valuables alone.
  • Hot desks, by their very definition, mean that these are desks provided by a company for their personnel and also for contractors i.e. the floating population.
  • People's looks can be very deceiving, always be aware of your surroundings especially when using a hot desk environment, or working in a busy internet café, public library - in fact anywhere where you are unsure of those around you.

Authored by:

Alan Smith CPP, PSP, FSyl