Specialised Services

Specialised Services

Hazard 360 Ltd have in place associations with other security consultants associated with:

1: Technical Security Counter Measures

2: Executive Close Protection

3: Travel Advisory Services

4: Covert Operations and Surveillance

5: Blast Mitigation Surveys

6: Information Collection and Intelligence Analyst Services

7: Investigations

8: Information Security Review Management

9: Counter Terrorism CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence) Protection

Technical Security Counter Measures

Hazard 360 Limited's associated partners can provide the ability for clients who have concerns regarding the protection of information, design specifications or confidential discussions and negotiations, to have a TSCM sweep of their premises for any electronic eavesdropping devices (‘bugs’).

Each TSCM sweep is bespoke to the client’s area of business operations and requirements, and can range from one room to an entire building, if so requested.

The technicians delivering this service are all experienced operatives with relevant government security clearances. All equipment is replaced at regular intervals to ensure that the latest advances in detection technology are available.

The full detail of devices and frequency ranges included in the TSCM sweep is available separately.

TSCM operatives are also available to conduct forensic investigation of computer equipment and fixed and portable hard disk drives to recover information.

Executive protection and personal security advice

The threat to organisations’ senior executives whilst travelling overseas is particularly significant at this present time with the Ukrainian-Russian war in Europe. This depends obviously on where the senior personnel are travelling to and through. We are able to provide detailed guidance on any threats and the risk of executive travel and, where necessary, source local specialist intelligence and support. If deemed appropriate, Hazard 360 Limited's associated partners are able to provide specialist personnel to accompany executives whilst travelling to protect from the threat of kidnap or other subversive activity.

The danger to personal security is not confined to overseas travel, and we are similarly able to provide support, advice and guidance on all aspects of personal security within the UK. This ranges from guidance on the management of “tiger” kidnap situations through to providing advice and guidance on the prevention of theft of personal items. In support of this we are able to supply fully licensed close protection operatives.

Travel advisory briefing

Our partners are able to prepare comprehensive briefing papers for staff travelling overseas to all locations. The briefing papers will include information on:

• Local customs and practices

• In-country crime trends, risks & threats

• Areas to avoid

• Known problems

• Embassy and Consular contact details

Covert operations & surveillance

Hazard 360 Limited's associated partners can supply fully trained and experienced personnel for covert operations. From situations requiring infiltration into groups to discrete following and monitoring of high value goods movement.

Skilled medical technicians and expert drivers trained in defensive and offensive driving techniques can also be supplied. This is an extremely sensitive area and this service is supplied confidentially to our clients. All operations fully comply with current UK legislation.

Blast Mitigation Surveys

Our partners are able to provide the following service: a comprehensive building survey conducted over a number of days to include but not restricted to:

• Calculate blast loading and structure resistance

• Assess extent of damage effects

• Blast mitigation measures

• Use of computer modelling for blast loading and structural resistance.

• Comprehensive report with recommendations.

Alternatively, a basic building structural survey conducted over one day to include;

• Blast damage to the structure

• Blast mitigation Report with recommendations

We are also able to offer an additional service with either option, if required

• Location threat analyst


There are occasional security incidents at a client’s site that necessitates the need for a detailed investigation to be carried out. This can result from suspicion of or actual theft through to security breaches. Where an investigation is required, we are able to supply fully trained investigators who are able to operate overtly and covertly to amass, and subsequently present the gathered evidence. If required, we are subsequently able to act as expert witnesses in a court setting.

Information collection and Intelligence analyst services

Working with specialist partners we are able to offer routine intelligence analysis specific to an organisation’s business sector. Where appropriate and when requested, we can develop this specifically for the client’s organisation.

If necessary, we can resource an intelligence analyst to research and review current open-source information regarding risk and threats to particular businesses. Our experts can also review correspondence received by organisations to identify trends in subject matter, origin and threat, analysing this information to provide solid reliable guidance.

Information Security Review and Management

One of the key elements in any business that is attractive to others is the knowledge within. That intelligence and information is typically held within their IT systems and, consequently it is at risk from unscrupulous organisations and individuals who either need it for their own purpose, or wish to trade it. In addition, others that produce and distribute malicious programmes that can potentially cause significant damage to an organisation’s information system infrastructure. In both cases, the financial and reputational impact on an organisation can be significant.

Working with our specialist partners, we are able to provide an in-depth analysis of information system threats and vulnerabilities and produce detailed recommendations to protect an organisation’s information system infrastructure.

Counter Terrorism and CBRN protection

Through our associated partners Hazard 360 Ltd is able to offer advice and guidance in relation to the protection of people and buildings in order to counter the current international and domestic terrorism and extremist threats. This can be from simple surveys to determine a building’s vulnerabilities, through to offering advice on target hardening in order to prevent or mitigate the impact of any attack.

In addition, we are able to design out terrorist threats and provide protection for CBRN (Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence) attacks for both staff evacuation and business premises. In addition, we can provide training and general up-skilling for security and other staff to enable them to coordinate an evacuation and manage access control following a CBRN terrorist attack.

Finally, our associated partners can provide Emergency Evacuation Packs for company individuals for the safe escape from contaminated environments. In addition, we will be able to supply exclusive recovery staff to decontaminate and maintain access to premises as part of business continuity, enabling organisations to have minimal risk.