Compliance and Audit

Compliance and Audit

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Hazard 360 Ltd has many years of conducting compliance audits in several areas of the security environment encompassing functionality, operability, and capability of adherence to specific regulatory and industry requirements.


Compliance audit of a CCTV Camera system is it in compliance with the UK Data Protection Act 2018, EU, General Data Protection Regulations 2018


Compliance audits begin with a meeting between company representatives and compliance auditors to outline compliance checklists, guidelines and the scope of the audit.

Compliance auditing is a process of measuring the current position against defined standards, government acts, industry standards and best practice guidelines. It is a systematic process of what is in place and what should be in place.


On completion of an audit the company is issued with a detailed report outlining any deficiencies. The report makes recommendations on how to rectify the situation to mitigate risk.

It is astute to remember that the audit can prove to be very effective tool in fortifying the compliance of your organisation, and can create critical, actionable insights to improve your company’s obligation to regulatory requirements.


Manned Guarding site Assignments instructions do they comply with BS7499 in regard to required content.


Compliance auditing, can help a company identify weaknesses or gaps in internal, external processes, regulatory compliance can create paths for improvement. In some cases, guidance provided by a compliance audit can help reduce risk, while also avoiding potential legal trouble or fines for noncompliance.

Example of Compliance Audits

1: CCTV Camera Systems

2: Access Control Systems

3: Intruder Detection Systems

4: Security Hardware Systems

5: Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Systems

6: Manned Security Services - Operations

7: Security Control Room Operations

This list is just a small representation of the type of compliance audits there are many more.

Dilapidation and Assurance Audit

This type of audit is generally carried out in regard to physical security hardware, electronic systems, Security control room workflow and design. The audit looks at specified areas of the company’s protective measures and evaluates the assurance on the functionality, operability and capability of those measures.

On completion of the audit, the organisation is issued with a detailed report outlining any deficiencies and make recommendation for rectification.

Compliance - PCS DSS Data Security Standard (Section 9)

A compliance audit is specifically aimed at Section (9) of the PCI DSS Data Security Standard in relation to Physical Security Measures deployed at Data Centres. It is a review of an organisation's adherence to regulatory guidelines under Section (9).

The audit evaluates the strength and diligence of compliance in accordance with specific applicable sections and clauses taken from the PCI DSS Data Security Standard.

On completion of the compliance audit, the organisation is issued with a detailed report outlining any deficiencies and cross alignment of other applicable standards pertaining to PCI DSS.